Mar 11, 2012

Can I Blame it on Daylight Saving Time?

... ah no.  I can't.  I missed the gallery updates at the Mercantile by a smidgen.  But since DST didn't really happen until 2am, I can't really use it as an excuse!

This project didn't make it in time.  And yes, it's another "lpd" (little photo display) or "set-about" as I heard Doris call them the other day.

Much of the supplies are from the amazing Antiquarian kit - I heard there are only TWO left ... take a look at all that's in it - you'll love it!  The buttons and banner are from the Papercrafting Kit which DID sell out, but more have been made available!

This is very easy to put together.  A simple paper clip is used to hold the display in the vintage spool.  The banner flag is glued into the spool, so I can make more little photo displays and interchange them on the clip. The cute banner "Remember these moments" flies forever in the spool!

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  1. This is so sweet, Betsy! I love how you put these little photo displays together!!

  2. Oh this is sweet Betsy and you can blame so many things on DLS. :)


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