Apr 29, 2010

Brownie Mix + Jenni Bowlin Digital =

a team party!

Downloaded our team logo from our website and used Jenni Bowlin digitals from ScrapHD.com .   Just add eggs, oil, and water!

Some photos from yesterday:

Matt plays so hard.  He is so much fun to watch.  He got the steal sign:

and was called SAFE! (whew)

I needed to stop into town on the way home and I was struck by the flowers the shop owners were putting up:

I think my new favorite color combo is pink and orange:

and look at this beauty:

Have a great day!  Thanks for stopping by! And have a GREAT National Scrapbooking Day! Hope you'll be doing what you love to do.  See you around the boards! - betsy

Apr 20, 2010

Hybrid Happiness - Two on Tuesday

Sharing 2 hybrid projects today - both created at ScrapHD.com . . . having a blast over there!

I made this for the sweet little baby of a coworker. I wanted the name to look like a clothing label, so I created the label at ScrapHD and printed it out on fabric.  The blue text paper is also from ScrapHD.  I added some flea market pearls, Jenni Bowlin patterned paper, felt butterflies, and a stick pin.

I had the funniest picture of my dear niece from Easter that I wanted to get in my books. I created this digital layout at ScrapHD using Jenni Bowlin digital products:

And then added some paint with a Making Memories foam stamp and finished embellishing with Jenni Bowlin Pearl Flowers in maraschino and cream cheese to get this:

I cut up the Pearl Flowers to get individual pearls of different sizes for the flower centers.  I totally smudged the paint, but I'm letting it go!

Check out this post on the JBS blog for a couple more hybrid layouts!

Hope you're having fun creating too! Thanks for stopping by!


Apr 13, 2010

Plant Whimsies!

Jen Martakis has created the sweetest digital kit for spring: Celebrate Spring. It was perfect for sprucing up a little plant I was giving as a gift and was so easy to do.

I loved the whimsical butterflies in the kit. I opened them up in PSE, and copied a bunch of them, varying their sizes. I also loved the tag and “spring” graphic and created my own little spring tag. I printed all the elements out, cut them out, and attached a length of wire to each one with a glue dot.
Then, the real fun begins as you wrap and shape the wire to simulate the fluttery path of a butterfly.  I love this so much, and it looks really really nice in my sun room, that I just may keep it for myself!

and leaving you with this lovely picture of spring  . . . a field near my house:

have a great day and thanks for visiting! - betsy

Apr 5, 2010

Hybrid Jenni Bowlin - A Little Spring Thing

I stopped by a used book store in Rhode Island last year and they had these old block stamps made of wood and metal.  There was one that said "spring" - and I thought it would be something cool to make something of.

I used digi Jenni Bowlin from ScrapHD.com and some Jenni Bowlin stash for this:

This is an old but favorite photo of ds#2 acting totally goofy - he was really pouring on the charm and cuteness on purpose for me.  He's so good at that - even today!

I glued a spiral clip onto the back of the stamp, created the Jenni bracket label with quote and "sweet" label over at ScrapHD.com, and added the sparrow card and embellished butterfly.

I wish I bought more of those stamps!

Sooooo, what signals spring around your house? 

Is it the forsythia bursting out in color?

Or the magnolia buds getting ready:

Around our house, it's these round white things that seem to sprout from the ground:

Yep, baseball is in full swing:

Have a wonderful day! - betsy