Jul 30, 2014

WOYWW : 269

If you want to find out about WOYWW and see awesome creative workspaces in action, visit Julia,  who started the whole wonderful thing right here.

digital mask altered from Nancie Rowe Janitz at Snap Click Supply Co.

Here's my desk this morning.  I also had the urge to play with some digital masks, so I threw my workspace inside one here.

I'm working on a page that tells the story of the day we got our dog.  Every once in a while, I'll look at ds#2 (he was there) and say "Let's talk about the day we got Shiner"... it's just filled with such sweet memories.  I thought I'd get some of it down in print on a layout.  I'm totally diggin' naturals and plain backgrounds right now.  I have gone this route many times before.  I guess it may be the way I was meant to create.

In the desk background you can see a supply of newer Jenni Bowlin Studio product and yes, I'm saving a lot of the natural and wood embellishments close at hand ... it's what I'm using these days.

I'm being interviewed Friday morning for the Visual Storytelling class at Get It Scrapped - I may use this layout for that - not sure right now.

More goodies hit my doorstep today.  Lots of beachy and gold stuff.  Can't wait to clear the workspace and start on something new!

Jul 27, 2014

Bad Blogger Bounces Back

wow.  it's been a long time.  i think a combination of more work, less play, and injuries galore have left me uninspired to share on the blog.  but in the spirit of never wanting to feel defeated, i'm bouncing back today with a post of 5 of my favorite things from the last 6 weeks or so.

1.  The "many people are missing but it's still awesome" family photo.  One thing Father's Day 2014 taught me is to leave your camera hanging around and other people will grab it and take awesome photos and you may even be in one.  I can't help but smile at this photo.  Sophia is holding her smile while instructing Shiner to turn around and look at the camera. Too funny.

2. The "these better not ever ever die and if we move they're coming with me" miniature roses.  My grandma gave me these maybe 20 years ago or so and they started out as miniature roses in a small plastic pot from the grocery store.  My gosh.  Look at them now.

3. The "nature is found in the tiniest of places" photo.  I walked our yard one day taking photos of flowers and pretty weeds, but was really hoping to get some sort of wildlife on film that day.  The mud hole is usually buzzing with interesting things to photograph, but not today.  It was when I was coming back in the house, at the backdoor, when I looked down and saw this barely an inch Peeper hanging out on a Black-Eyed Susan leaf.   The little guy answered my prayer and I happily snapped a few.

4. The "reaffirming July Crafted Kit".  Working on this kit with Jenni Bowlin for the Mercantile reaffirmed the satisfaction I get from making something useful with my own hands.  This ranks in the top 5 of favorite projects ever for me.

5.  The "I can't believe they made these" rocks.  Ds and his girlfriend chilled out one night at the beach house and painted rocks. I was impressed. First, that they both can chill out by painting rocks. Second, that they can enjoy each other's company by painting rocks. And third - well heck - they are talented at painting rocks.  John did the oranges and Emily the other two, in case you were wondering.

So there you have it.  I've bounced back with my top 5.  

Hope you're having a great and creative day.

Jun 18, 2014

WOYWW : 263 {My Flea Market Finds}

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesdays.

Julia started this wonderful tradition of sharing your workspace on Wednesdays.  You can see her edition right here. I haven't been good at participating lately, but just had to share the flea market smalls sitting on my desk waiting for me.

I attended the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck New York a couple weekends ago.  I love fairs and flea markets.  And rarely do I go to one without a plan in mind.  This trip, *besides meeting and spending time with Jenni and Jared Bowlin*, I was looking for a large wooden or metal piece to replace my plastic iris cart.  I did not have any luck there, but I did get some smalls ... each one with a bit of plan in mind.  

Everything's been sitting on my desk since I've come back, and I moved it outside for photos.

And here's the plan I have for these little sweet treasures:

So that's what's on my desk today!